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To connect with our Father, Son & Holy Spirit Fire
When working out, why not make that precious time an investment: your “WORSHIP” time for the day? We are all so busy with our other commitments, that we can devote this time to communing with Him: celebrating our physical capabilities and honoring Him. Inviting Him into that “space” of focus dedicated to our physical, mental & emotional states that benefit from healthy lifestyle choices and activities.


When we work out we can draw “power” from the music infusing our spirit! Choosing positive, uplifting, hopeful, faithful and powerful options can help us even go “beyond” where we planned & thought we could and would during that workout session. Ever tried to push through just one more rep or set? Stay on your aerobic or cardio for just 5, 10, 15 more minutes? Try closing your eyes on the treadmill, connecting with Him in a song that connects you completely to Him. (Note: Hold a handle if closing your eyes when feeling closer to Him!!!) Some artists to draw power and strength from: Third Day, Casting Crowns, Elevation Worship, Colton Dixon, Chris Tomlin, Bethel Music & Veridia. Search our Blog as its posts grow!!!


If in an “aerobic” session, such as stair stepper, treadmill, elliptical, etc., why not empower ourselves and feed our energetic spirit with worship videos? We can connect with Him…worshipping while stepping or climbing! We can honestly have euphoric moments when our physical energy is high & connected with Him in worship! YouTube videos are the next best thing to being there, worshipping in church! Also, may sometimes be more fulfilling because it’s real connection time just between You and Him! Kari Jobe, Jesus Culture, Bethel Music, Toby Mac, Danny Gokey and so many more amazing musicians. Also wonderful are so many messages from pastors, if you’re up for finding a meaningful church lesson while stepping.


When was the last time you had time for a good book? We are time-starved, yet when we work out, ie: cardio, aerobic, this could be the perfect time to start or expand our audio library of books committed to our Christian growth. Topics from our relationship with Him, to fulfilling our purpose while we’re here. So many good books & authors to help us grow! “Visioneering” by Andy Stanley & “Chase The Lion” by Mark Batterson to name just a couple. Our blog can be a good resource for other recommendations as we read and review.

Nutrition & Diet

Whether it’s low-fat or low-carb, we all agree that we don’t want to destroy our workout progress with the fork’s temptation or our spirit’s weakness! That few seconds of instant gratification kills our self-esteem and destroys our sense of will-power & at least temporarily weakens our focus! Then what do we have to add to then work it off? Follow our blog for references to wonderful food options, recipes, treats that can replace the “junk” so we still get to enjoy and feel satisfied and not feel deprived! THAT is how we stay the course, develop consistency and cultivate a spirit of empowered self-confidence.

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