Jesus Work Out Warriors

Jesus Work Out Warriors

The JWOW® Movement is a Choice, an exercise in Faith, a Commitment, a lifestyle dedicated to “becoming all we can be” during our short and temporary earthly life. The healthier and more fit we are physically and spiritually, the more of our authentic spirit we bring to our family, friends & all those around us. Also, the better we are equipped to navigate the challenges in our lives that provide us the opportunity to grow and further deepen our trust in Him.

PRAYER: “Holy Spirit: May I feel your fire burning in me today and help me go further, do more and become more of who You would have me be”

Cheerful muscular young woman with ponytail and black tights performing dead lift barbell exercises with other students


"We make choices every moment of every day that either support and contribute to our growth and well-being or feed the darkness that attempts to keep us from moving further toward His Light and fulfilling all our purposes He has intended for us here."
-Daily nutritional choices

-Peer support (who can we choose that will support us and lift us up?)

-Choose to “move” our energy even when we don’t “feel” like it…I promise you…once you begin, you’ll get into a rhythm and at the end of your workout you’ll be so glad you did! Sometimes the hardest step is the first one, into the gym or the beginning of our workout."


"Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Simply: Trusting. When we make time for exercise we are trusting it will make a positive difference in the quality of our life. We can’t physically see in the beginning the difference, so we have to trust."

-How can we nourish our faith?

-Faith-building exercises

-Peer support/buddy system/accountability

-"Seeing and praying over our goals & seeking deeper connection with Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit in all our daily walk."


"By exercising our FAITH and CHOICE, we act! Consistent commitment to action produces physical results we can see! This consistency helps us continue our commitment since we can see results, no longer having to “hope “ for the manifestation one day."



-"Father/Son/Holy Spirit connection time"