The JWOW® Movement began as a vision God gave to its Founder, to help Christians fulfill and even exceed our health and fitness goals. JWOW® is committed to fulfilling Jesus' charge to be a light unto others in an ever-darkening world as we watch and wait for His return.

Inside the JWOW® Vision

You are witnessing only the beginning of the JWOW® Movement! The Vision has been provided: piece-by-piece & revealed: step-by-step. Not to assume it’s complete, as our God is an everlasting, constant God who is patient and only reveals in His Divine timing. Powerful growth, support and change will contine to come as God manifests on Earth what he provided in Vision! Change is desperately needed in a world that each day brings us closer to His return! Jesus advised us to be “in” this world but not “of” this world. Stay tuned & visit often our community (that you have become a part of).

Follow the JWOW® Movement

Woman and men having fun doing fitness sport in gym
A Black African American family of two parents and two children, two girls, cycling together.
Elder couple exercising in the park