“From Shark Tank to JWOW” E-Book Now Available on Amazon for Downloading!!!

Please order the e-book for immediate download “From Shark Tank to JWOW“! Why? It’s only $9.99 and contains tons of truths you’ll live by! The beautiful paperback is available for $19.99 and qualifies for PRIME shipping! It is my gift from my entrepreneurial and spiritual experiences, to you! What do I want most? To hear from you AFTER you’ve read the book, by posting your review on Amazon! Please do this for me, as it will bless you! This was a “Holy Spirit”-download in just five days! A few more days for editing grammer, punctuation and adding some additional gifts, photos, etc. then all the formatting for e-book & paperback. In total, this “MIRACLE-GOD-DOWNLOADED” Treasure was only exactly 14 days from first word typed to self-published & “LIVE” on Amazon! I can’t remember what is on any specific page because this was not a “project”. I have never been an author! I expected someday some ghostwriter would collect all my stories of my journeys then organize into a professionally-fashioned book and “who knows what the title would be”. Well, when God speaks to me, I listen and obey! Thank you for ordering, reading then posting your review on Amazon! I appreciate in advance, knowing you WILL be blessed by the treasures in this “every word as truth” story! I know every word is true, because I experienced every single detail, then my fingers transferred all the information into this now-finished work! Thank you, God Bless You, and Amen!!!