“From Shark Tank To JWOW”

Well, it’s official! My story “The Book” is out and on Amazon.com! It details from my last venture: PureAyre Odor Eliminator into my experience into Shark Tank and that amazing drama! I don’t believe I could have written a more “entertaining” and dramatic episode myself! That episode was so vile! So disrespectful that it won me thousands of emails and phone calls from people congratulating me on turning down all the sharks’ insulting offers. The sad part is that all of them: Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec and Kevin Harrington missed out on million-dollar opportunities because of their greed! I had designed specific opportunities for each of them! Even Robert’s last comment as I’m walking away: “I thought he’d take more money!”. Really Robert? That’s because you thought I would buy into your degradation! Into your trying to SELL me on my worthlessness! You so underestimated my self-worth! Well, anyway, the book doesn’t end with Shark Tank, as it details a series of additional catastrophes I “survived” and how I was then led into the “desert as Job” in the Bible, so-to-speak for time alone with God for healing every area of my life that needed it. That was “out of order!”. God had told me that (see that story in the book!) Later He told me to “Build It!” What is “It”? JWOW that you see here! You will be enthralled with every page of this book and may not be able to put it down till you finish it! Happy Reading! Oh! Then come back here and leave a review, please! Blessings to you, James Mitchell-“Entrepreneur, Singer/Songwriter, Evangelist and Author”