Welcome to JWOW! Now including JWOW Fitness Corporation!

We live in exciting times! Personally, because JWOW has successful launched its JWOW Fitness Center franchise program: www.JWOWFit.com/Francise. Now any God-loving/people-loving entrepreneur can purchase a JWOW franchise and open anywhere in the United States…and yes, beyond (internationally-speaking, as the “zero hunger/zero homeless” initiative JWOW Ministries is charged with (from Matt.25: 35-40) applies beyond our borders where homelessness and hunger exists! Open your OWN JWOW Fitness Center franchise (franchise fee is half of the leading secular franchise chain) OR tell your friend or family member about this opportunity to have a “spirit-filled” fitness center in your area that not only provides an outlet for your physical self care but instead, is interested and designed to serve and support your “whole person”: body, mind and spirit! Care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Caring for you while 10% of your monthly membership fee is tithed into JWOW Ministries to eliminate hunger and homelessness not only in this country but worldwide! Here at JWOW’s group of companies we pray this blog post finds you blessed today!