JWOW Logo: What Do You See?

From the beginning of the JWOW Vision that eventually was validated since it would not leave me, I knew a visual, powerful logo would be needed, in addition to the JWOW word mark. Initial step of course, if this vision was to be have money invested to bring this vision into reality, would be to trademark the word mark with the USPTO in Washington, DC. Thus, an IP law firm was hired and managed that task. Then when I was led to the company that would help me manifest JWOW’s logo, I provided all direction for them to attempt to create a logo for my review for approval, rejection or further refine their proposal. I was pleased with our finished product that took only minor revision and I love the dual visual representation. Such as the fire in its symbol. Why fire? There are numerous references in the Bible that refer to Holy Spirit and fire, see Matthew 3:11. In Matthew 3:16 Holy Spirit is represented as a dove descending from Heaven. I chose fire for our logo, to represent the Holy Fire in all of us, existing even if we feel nothing more than a spark, if even that. If one is feeling depressed, they may not “feel” that spark of flame’s barely-illuminated ember. However, it is there! It is patiently awaiting movement to stir it. If that is you ever, then prayerfully you’ll begin to move and awaken that flame, feeding it oxygen that of course, will cause it to grow, even into a roaring flame for all to see! The dove in our logo represents peace. I could teach much about this but for this post, will leave it as a lesson in you accepting yourself in whatever level of fitness and healthy lifestyle you may currently be, thus practicing peace for yourself. It is so easy to be unsatisfied with ourselves on our journey. However, I have learned that making peace with oneself can actually help us to take up our practice, since we’re not warring within ourselves. That may mean a new start or getting back on track after having fallen off. It doesn’t matter how many times we get off track. What matters most is how long we remain off track and how quickly we get back on track. That we reduce the amount of time we’re off track. My prayer is that you are inspired by JWOW’s meaning representing you as a: Jesus Work Out Warrior and also that you feel both the Fire and Peace of Holy Spirit within you. Remember to submit a prayer request if you have any need you would appreciate support. We are blessed to serve you and love to hear from you. Blessings! James