Jesus Work Out Warriors...

Health & Fitness Lifestyle with a Higher Purpose!!!

It's all about the Fire!

Accessing Holy Spirit Fire For Greater Health & Fitness

Holy Spirit Fire inside ALL of us! Everyone is on their own journey, at their Christ-relationship level. From those who can't feel even the "present-but-almost-lifeless" spark to those who feed it oxygen everyday, growing stronger with each cardio breath or challenging that piece of iron that dares you to push through even one more rep! Your workout can become worship and time committed to Him, respecting and thanking Him for His gift to you! Priority first to Him, then to yourself and finally for your loves ones and all those around you whose lives you are to touch as part of your destiny. To live life your healthiest to fulfill all God placed you here for His glory and purpose.

Jesus Work Out Warriors…Health & Fitness Lifestyle with a Higher Purpose!!!


Are you seeking a healthier lifestyle? Could you use more support to help you achieve your health & fitness goals? We are all on a journey that could also include a deeper relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ as well as Holy Spirit, who Jesus said "fills you with the power of Heaven". At times we may have hardly felt Holy Spirit's "flicker" while at other times in our lives we feed it everyday, including oxygen, growing stronger with each cardio breath or challenging the piece of iron that dares us to push through even one more rep! Our workout can become worship time committed, respecting and thanking God for His gift to us! Priority first to Him, then to ourselves and finally for our loves ones and all those around us whose lives we touch as part of our destiny. To live life our healthiest to fulfill all God placed us here for: to honor Him, with our lives fulfilling our purpose.

Find and feed your Holy Spirit Fire Within!

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Latest News

There Is No Greater Purpose

July 2, 2019

Last night I discovered online a website reviewing previous Shark Tank Entrepreneurs (of which I was on who’s episode aired April 1, 2011, April Fool’s Day…a coincidence? I think not!). I followed author Dan Millman teachings through his books and was thrilled when “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” was made into a movie: “Peaceful Warrior”.…

“From Shark Tank to JWOW” E-Book Now Available on Amazon for Downloading!!!

June 30, 2019

Please order the e-book for immediate download “From Shark Tank to JWOW“! Why? It’s only $9.99 and contains tons of truths you’ll live by! The beautiful paperback is available for $19.99 and qualifies for PRIME shipping! It is my gift from my entrepreneurial and spiritual experiences, to you! What do I want most? To hear…

Through the Fire – I Climb Higher!

June 28, 2019

Through the Fire, I climb Higher! As I seek my Destiny…”Knowing”: It WILL Be! I find Peace in the Solitary Moments, as I step into the Heavens; All is Perfect: Nothing Less, Nothing More! “Experience” the Fire by Reading: “From Shark Tank to JWOW” One Man’s Unbelievable Journey!

This week my story “came out” on! (you can find it by searching “Shark Tank” and “JWOW”)! It feels surreal, as I move into this milestone phase of my life’s journey. I posted on Instagram and Facebook what I’ll add here, as it is pure Truth!

June 28, 2019

“From Shark Tank To JWOW”

June 27, 2019

Well, it’s official! My story “The Book” is out and on! It details from my last venture: PureAyre Odor Eliminator into my experience into Shark Tank and that amazing drama! I don’t believe I could have written a more “entertaining” and dramatic episode myself! That episode was so vile! So disrespectful that it won…